The Cassette

You can download the ipod/mobile phone [37MB] version of the video or a high quality AVI - xvid [89MB].


This film is about a guy who randomly picks up a Microcassette recorder, seeing as no one is around he puts it in his pocket and walks off, only to be followed by some sort of agent.
She seems to trail off, but later appears directly in front of him, and pulls a gun. He runs off, but and when he thinks he's finally safe, he finds out why he had so many troubles trying to get away from her.
The short film is onpurposely very ambiguous as it is designed as a 'seed' film for Kino Portable. The idea is that other film makers can create their own films based off this.

Production Details

This film was created in less than 48hours, as part of a Kino Kabaret (Adelaide) event. Starting at 11am (I was an hour late) on Monday the 23rd of February 2009, I rocked up with a couple of cameras, and only knew two people.
Within one and a half hours I made some friends, and managed to organise two actors, an assistant, get some props (the microcassette recorder, and the toy gun), write a script from scratch, and then re-write it so I could read it, then head down to the River Torrens to start filming.
It took about 3 hours to film, and we had two cameras (both mine). A Canon XL1, and a small Sony TVR33e. It was the first time I was directing, filming, and scripting all at the same time, and as such there are some small things that I missed, or would have been done better, if I had time. But the whole idea of Kino is that you do good with nothing, do better with little, but most importantly DO IT NOW!

Cast and Crew

Actor : Ashoka
Actress : Hera
Camera A Operator : Michael Kubler
Camera B Operator : Luigi
Director : Michael Kubler
Editor : Michael Kubler

Kino Portable

Kino Portable is an extension of the Kino film making event, that is designed as a non-linear narrative way of making Mobile phone movies.
What does Non-linear Narrative mean you ask? It means that you don't have to watch the movie in the order of beginning, middle, and end.
Think of a choose your own adventure book, except as short films and on mobile phones.

Suggested off shoots

You could create a number of films based off this one, in a choose your own adventure style. Some suggestions I can think off : A tangent film as already been created about the guy who sticks his head out when the 2nd female agent is walking down the alleyway. It was about unexpected film cameo's, and was created by Fee Plumley (who is also the person who first introduced me into Kino