Posts from: October 2018

SciFi concepts – nanoBlood, the positioning problem and remote sensing

Note: These are Michael Kubler’s personal notes regarding technology likely to exist in the future. It’s written as a reference guide for The Book of New Eden SciFi novel set in a post-scarcity (Abundance Centered) society. Eli is the main character in the novel. nanoBlood is considered a form of bodyMod but is important enough to…

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Mods and Apps – Science Fiction Concepts for SciFi writers

Science Fiction Concepts for SciFi writers. Set 30-50yrs in the future. =========================================== Mods and Apps =========================================== * bioMods are for specific biological enhancements. These are usually a little bit more advanced than cosmetic surgery in 2017. The standard is the spinalTap mod, an enhanced spine and skeletal upgrade (usually including knees) that dramatically reduces skeletal…

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