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Michael Kubler is an innovative geek and passionate activist who wants to see the necessities of life for free to everyone on the planet

The Remainderman

Hi I’m Michael Kubler and I co-founded Films on the Fly, used to run Grey Phoenix Productions started the South Australian Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement helped start Teacher Time and am currently working on Drivible as the technical co-founder.

My primary skills are in photography, film making, web development, IT support, entrepreneurship and activism. But what I’m passionate about is changing the world for the better at a systems level. I want to see food, water, shelter, electricity, transport, education, entertainment and all the necessities of life available for free to everyone on the planet.

Actually, I want to go beyond that and help setup an Abundance Centered Society which I explain in my Abundant Mars Podcast.

Past Interests

Electronics & Robotics – Especially Pic Microcontroller based, although also used Lego Mindstorms, and even competed in Italy at the International Robocup Challenge.
3D Animation – I still want to get back into this, but haven’t had the time. I primarily used 3D Studio Max v4, and loved playing with particle effects, including Aura, and Glue3D but would like to learn Houdini and Blender given the chance.
Compositing – While I’ve played around with Combustion, and had a brief look at After Effects, I am still looking for a good compositing application when I start integrating SFX and 3D with live action.
Aviation – Getting my Private Pilots License before I could drive taught me a lot about weather, navigation, and also gave me the confidence to tackle nearly anything, even if it was expensive for someone still at high school. One day I would love to get my Aerobatics rating in a glider.
Running – I competed in the 100Km relay 3 times at school, and have done multiple City to Bay fun runs. I thank my Dad for the encouragement, and perseverance while we trained together.

Camera Shot
Camera Shot

Religion : I’m too philosophical to have a religion, although classify myself as Atheist, I still get a kick out of Venganza.

The many clones of Michael
The many clones of Michael

Suggested Reading

Sophie’s World – A great introduction to philosophy, and some of the early, prominent philosophers. The novel itself has some good twists in it, and it helped to really open my mind when I was younger. In fact, I read this in primary school, and it introduced me to the idea of Atoms through Democritus‘ ideals, before being taught the scientific way at High School. This book is really a must read for anyone who has not already studied philosophy, or who has the inquiring mind to ask ‘Where do we come from?‘, and ‘Who are we?‘.

Cradle to Cradle – This book is a great start to changing the way industry creates things. From our current throw away cradle to grave society which promotes scarcity to building products with a materials flow in mind. Shoes who’s upper is made of infinitely recyclable synthetic nylon and with soles of biodegradable materials which nourish the environment.

Drive by Dan Pink – This is a MUST read for anyone who has to manage or motivate anyone. It explains Intrinsic motivation (doing it because you want to) versus the current norm of extrinsic motivation (doing it because you’ll be money).
Do you manage or motivate anyone? Because it changed my life so much I’m going to embed Dan Pinks RSA Animate talk on Intrinsic Motivation below. I highly recommend you watch it.


  1. Hi,

    My name is Anita Stearns and I was browsing the internet for photos to use in a video I am creating for an upcoming community work project that we are doing through my church. The video will be shown at my church and hopefully posted on a website for a few weeks. It will not be massed produced or sold or anything.

    I was interested in using a photo of yours that I saw on your site here entitled, “cleaning out the messy shed.”

    Please let me know if it is possible for me to use your photo. If not, no problem – just thought I’d ask.


  2. Great! I am hoping we will have it online. I will let you know.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Never seen another ‘Michael Kubler’ before, not a real common name!

    Michael Kubler

  4. Actually there’s about 3 or 4 of us on Facebook. But I agree, I grew up thinking I was probably the only one with my name, but that turns out not to be the case!

  5. Just wanted to say Hi, im not a photographer but I do portrates and I wanted to tell you that I think you are a very handsom guy. :)
    Good luch with your project. ^_^

  6. Dear

    Let me introduce myself first, I’m a reporter of an online decor website.
    I am wondering if it is permitted to use your images on our website that we put the resource link of images below the content of articles and note the name of your website along side the description of images.

    For example:

    Thanks for reading this question in advance.
    Looking forward to your reponse.

    Best regard

    Elaine Lin

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