April Fools Jokes – 2008

This is just a collection of April Fools jokes people found on the net.
Web based April Fools jokes :

Other things were You Tube Australia was Rick Rolling everyone, and so did LiveJournal.
Some people did things like setup a see through monitor, or use the good old BlueScreen saver.

Other suggestions for your cubical dwellers next year :

  • Set someone’s system font to Wingdings, or some other unreadable font.
  • If someone leaves their keys or swipe card behind, freeze them in a mug of water.
  • Some video card drivers (such as the Intel ones) lets you display the computer screen upside down, and are hot keyed.
  • On a mac, the little known keyboard shortcut ctrl+option+apple+8 inverts all the colours.

Personally I’d have liked to setup the Upside-down-Ternet.

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