Ubuntu 8.04

I recently installed the new Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron), on my Asus laptop.
The laptop previously had a play around install of Feisty Fawn on it, however I couldn’t remember the password, and after using the live-CD I confirmed there was nothing on the 10Gb partition, which I nuked, to install Hardy Heron.I use the laptop on weekends in Windows XP, so I can use Photoshop (and no, the Gimp is not an alternative to Adobe Potatoshop… yet).

Anyway back on track.
I am glad that the Ubuntu Live CD finally has gparted by default so you can look at the hard drive partitions and do tricky things without having to use the install wizard, or burning a gparted live CD of which I couldn’t find mirrored by Internode, and sourceforge downloads have been slow recently.

On thing I will mention. I was using GRUB (the boot loader) to be able to select between Ubuntu and Windows XP. I had previously set it to default to Windows XP, however after installing Ubuntu it changed the default select option to Ubuntu.
Not really a big deal, and I highly doubt it would have happened if I simply ran

>sudo apt-get  upgrade
>sudo apt-get  dist-upgrade

In any case  my next change will be trying Ubuntu Studio

PS : This post was 3/4 written up within 48 hours of the latest Ubuntu release, however I got distracted posting it… my bad. 

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