MDKs – To Buy List (Oct 2009)

So,  with my Birthday being a week away I’ve had a couple of people ask me what I want for a Birthday present.

It seems that once you reach a certain age people just default to buying you books or chocolate unless they know what you actually want. Or maybe in a world of Amazon wish lists, society is changing?

Anyway here is my current ‘to buy’ list. These are things that I want to buy, once I have the money.

  • 20-30 pairs of identical black socks (medium-large size?). The idea being that I won’t have to worry about matching my socks. Ever.
  • A bottle of Galliano (the yellow one, not the liquorice). Great for making cheesecake drinks.
  • An LED light panel for the video camera (e.g this one, or this one). Has to have it’s own battery (i.e not be powered by the camera) and a fairly decent light output. Although these usually cost like $300-$500, which makes me sad.
  • A SATA DVD Burner (or two). Mine don’t seem to be working, so I’ve been using my Laptop’s, which isn’t the best, and would be really expensive to replace. This is reasonably important as I’ve got to burn 150 odd DVDs in the next month or two.
  • A bottle of Silver Shadow. Cause yes, Men like to smell nice too, and I like to smell like Silver Shadow.

I’m sure there’s more, but I simply don’t have the monies, nor direct need. Although a gift card for Amazon, or Adorama (send to is always welcome. Especially with the current almost 1 to 1, AU->USD exchange rate.

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