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One of the extensions I’ve come to love is Facebook Photo Zoom. It lets you put your mouse over a small image (e.g someone’s display pic) in Facebook and it’ll show a full sized (or as close to it as your screen will support) image.

Download Facebook Photo Zoom for Google Chrome or Firefox.

Update : Another great Firefox extension is Download Flash and Video, which allows you to easily download YouTube videos, plus the Extended Copy Menu which lets you copy as plain text (great for pasting into other documents without the crazy formatting that you sometimes get).

Other recommended Firefox extensions :

  • Tab Mix Plus : Adds advanced control over how Tabs are used in Firefox. I love the ability to protect tabs, plus set it up to always opento the right and focus on the right tab on close. Makes it easier to deal with many, many tabs.
  • Xmarks Sync : If your like me then you’ve got multiple computers then you’ll know how annoying it can be to syncronise bookmarks between your different installs of Firefox.

Extensions for Web Developers

  • Firebug : Firebug is great for inspecting elements and the DOM, checking jQuery expressions, making live CSS, HTML and Javascript changes, viewing the console logs, etc..
  • DOM Inspector : A plugin for Firefox which is similar to Firebug.
  • Colorzilla : It’s amazing how often I need to find the right colour. Using Colourzilla I can use the dropper to work out what another colour is, use the colour wheel to select my own colour and easily copy the # or RGB colours for my CSS files.
  • Screengrab : Ever wanted to make a screenshot of a WHOLE page even though it was say 8 times longer than the screen? Now you can! I often use Screengrab to save screenshots at the end of the Scrum sprint (Friday’s) so that I can see a history of the sites I’ve been working on and their evolution.
  • WebDeveloper : This should be on every web dev’s toolbar. Whilst doing a number of features similar to Firebug it’s still incredibly useful, especially when trying to test the page with javascript disabled (or disabling those damn right click restrictions on certain sites). I usually like the inspect element tool when trying to write jQuery selector expressions, although sometimes also use Firebug or Google Chromes built in inspector.

Got some more Firefox or Chrome extensions you think should be on the list? Comment or email me.

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