Covid19 – It’s not intentional, it’s neglect

Covid19 Bat to Pangolin to Human

I’ve been seeing conspiracy theories pop up saying that the Covid19 Corona virus is an intentionally created virus.
But in my research the truth is that it seems to be a string of incidents going back to the 1960’s and culminating in neglect of animals.

Firstly, I know that in Australia at least government funding cuts weren’t just cutting off the ‘fat’ but also the meat from the healthcare services. Core services were being affected. So in times like that having a pandemic response team and spare stock of required PPE supplies is a luxury that can’t be afforded.
If a rather rich country like Australia has these issues, then I’d expect a large number of countries would also have the same issue. Maybe some Nordic countries would have a bit better setup, but I’ve no idea.

If the Covid19 virus RNA did have evidence of something like CRISP-R manipulation. e.g by having many copies of a particular nucleotide sequence. Then given the RNA has been transcribed and looked at by many professionals I’d expect that would be announced and I’d be more likely to consider it.

I do think that Capitalism and the Rich and Powerful are to blame somewhat. But even Communism has it’s part.

The story as I understand it is such:

Back in the 1960’s China followed the USSR’s crazy Communist ideas pitched by Trofim Lysenko around farming practices as part of the ‘Great Leap Forward‘. The ideas like having the plants spaced really close to each other weren’t tested, were very incorrect and when combined with a few other issues caused tens of millions of people to die from hunger when the farms failed.

Still somewhat struggling, in 1978 the Chinese government gave up it’s control over farming allowing companies to take over.
During this time many peasant people started hunting wildlife to survive. From bats to turtles, chimps, snakes, goats and more.
That practice then became industrialised in 1988 when the Chinese government declared the wildlife a natural resource, which allowed the farming to be expanded upon and industrialised. I over time they also started to trade with more and more exotic animals, like bears, lions, pangolins and rhinos.

These animals are sold at wet markets like the one in Wuhan China and their cages are stacked on top of each other. The poop, blood, puss and other liquids fall from the animals at the top through to those at the bottom.

It’s believed that Covid19 was passed from a bat to a pangolin then to a human.

Covid19 Bat to Pangolin to Human

This isn’t the first time such a transmission has happened from animals to humans in a wet market in China, the SARS virus also from China and in a similar incident.

But China isn’t closing the wet markets down permanently because the main customers of the wildlife farming industry and especially the illegal trades are the rich and powerful.
That’s the case because the wildlife industry obviously wants to keep itself going and so has been promoting its animals as tonic products. Good for bodybuilding, disease fighting, sex enhancing and disease fighting. Whilst none of the these claims are true, they are lapped up by the rich and powerful.
That means the industry has an enormous lobbying capability.

So if you want to blame Covid119 on both Capitalism and the rich and powerful you can. But it’s not an intentional virus. It’s the result of a complex chain of events from bad farming practices that caused a side industry which has bad animal farming practices through to the rich and powerful.
I think the Vegans and Vegetarians are right. We wouldn’t be in this mess if we weren’t eating so much meat and were looking after the animals better.

We wouldn’t be creating strains of antibiotic resistant diseases if we weren’t dosing the livestock because we force them into horrible cramped conditions. We wouldn’t a global pandemic and unprecedented full lockdown, possibly causing one of the worst economic downturns in decades, if we were more caring of the animals and environment.

So yeah, someone in Wuhan likely didn’t care about his animals, or was in a situation where he wasn’t able to look after them well and clean them properly so let the fluids of various animals mix at the bottom of the stack and now the world is paying for it. Currently (2pm on Monday the 23rd March 2020) 330k people have been infected and 14,703 have died and if we weren’t taking extreme measures likely millions more would be affected.

Covid19 Virus graph 23rd March 2020

The above won’t stop people, especially those who are rich and have savings from trying to take advantage of the situation and buying things up at bargain basement prices. Others are likely to take other forms of control, political, militarily or otherwise.

However I’ve also seen people actively helping others in a very altruistic way. It’s definitely inspiring. But unfortunately the elderly and poor are going to be the most affected by Covid19. I hope you dear reader isn’t in either group, but even if you aren’t take what precautions you can.

Main sources: Vox – How wildlife trade is linked to coronavirus – Latest Stats

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By Michael Kubler

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