Podcast Episodes you should listen to – Jan 2024

Secrets to Staying focused - Nir Eyal

I’ve been listening to a few different podcasts and here’s some of the episodes that I really enjoyed.

I’ve downloaded the subtitles of these from YouTube and then asked Claude.ai (Anthropic’s equivalent to ChatGPT) to summarise them.

Strategies for becoming less distracted and improving focus | Nir Eyal (author of Indistractable and Hooked)


Here is a summary of the key points from the podcast episode:

  1. Distraction is not caused by technology itself, but by our inability to deal with discomfort and emotions like boredom, fatigue, and anxiety. We need tools to manage these “internal triggers”.
  2. Becoming “indistractable” involves four steps:
    (a) Master internal triggers using techniques like the 10-minute rule and “surfing the urge
    (b) Make time for traction by scheduling priorities based on your values
    (c) Hack back external triggers like notifications and interruptions
    (d) Prevent distraction with commitment devices (“pacts”) like financial stakes, identity pacts, or effort pacts.
  3. To build an indistractable workplace, companies should provide psychological safety, a forum for employees to discuss distraction issues, and managers who exemplify focus. Techniques like “schedule syncing” also help.
  4. We should be careful about labeling normal technology use as “addiction”. Most people are not clinically addicted. Framing the issue as a personal responsibility and skill to develop is more constructive.

The key message is that we have more individual agency in avoiding distraction than we realize. With the right mindset and techniques, we can overcome impulsiveness with forethought and intent.

How to become a category pirate | Christopher Lochhead (Author of Play Bigger, Niche Down, more)


If you like that you should also get the books or at least listen to

How To Think Like A Category Designer | Category Pirates (Pocketcasts link)

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