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Hello everyone.
Well, a little while ago I started trying to de-interlace some of the Schoolyard Justice footage for viewing on the web. Unfortunately the de-interlace filter that I was trying to use in Virtual Dub required that the frame size be a multiple of 16.

I got sick of trying to work out the possible frame sizes and wrote a PHP script to help.

Working the possible sizes out manually can get annoying, especially when the footage was shot 16:9 but using PAL widescreen pixels, which have a ratio of 1.09. As such the actual size of the footage can be rendered out at 720×396 (full), 640×352 (89%) or 320×176 (44%).

Anyway, I thought I would share the ‘web widget’.
I plan on making a number of similar ones in the future.

>>> Frame Size Web Widget v2 <<<

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