Thought for the Week – 001

When did you last update your will?

Your last will and testament is more than a document describing how your assets will be divided, it also allows you to describe what will happen with your body afterwards, and a chance to say your final goodbye.

Some things to think about:

  • Specify an executor of your will.
  • Which person(s) do you entrust with your assets ? (who gets your stuff?)
  • What happens with your body afterwards?
  • What happens with your virtual (cyberspace) life?
  • A final goodbye.

An executor of your will is someone whom you nominate to carry out the directions of the will.You could for example specify that it is your son/daughter, life partner, or possibly your parents, however it is best to only have one person (and update your will if that person is no longer capable of completing such tasks. That person will normally then appoint an Executor Trustee company for the actual grunt work, however can still be called on to help resolve issues where their is some ambiguity, or get the final say in matters.

Also, specify what happens to your body (cremated, or buried?). Alternatively if your not sure, then specify someone, such as the executor of your will, to make that choice.

Being the admin of a webserver, I have also attached a copy of instructions and username/passwords for my various computers and systems. My death should not mean the death of other peoples websites.

Personally, I want what something similar to what we did with my grandad. To have my organs donated to science, then the remains can be cremated. After a few years, have my ashes spread to the wind at the end of a jetty into the water at sunset, when the sun is touching the horizon, and preferably on my birthday, or some other significant date.

If possible, at my funeral it would be great to have a slideshow presentation of photos of me. Funerals are for the living, and not the dead, and I’d like people to remember me as a friendly, happy, hard working person.

By Michael Kubler

Photographer, cinematographer, web master/coder.

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