Open Cut v2 – It has arrived

Well, I just received my G-Raid mini (250Gb) with my Open Cut v2 footage.
For those that don’t know, Open Cut is a competition where professionals, to ametures can get some pre-recorded Red One footage, and edit it together.
A decked out Red One camera
What is Red One? Well Red One is a new, fully digital, very amazing video camera that can shoot up to 4K resolution. This is the start of the end for Film.
The body of the camera alone costs USD$17,500 and a semi-decent setup with lens, hard drive, and other bits will set you back around $30,000. A lot?Not really when you are making a 5 million dollar film.
Anyway, back to the G-Raid hard drive.
The external 250Gb drive accepts both USB and Firewire, and doesn’t need an external power source, unlike my 500Gb external drive.
Unfortunately however, the drive came pre-formatted with a Mac OSX partition.

Thankfully I had previously installed Ubuntu (a Linux distribution) on my Laptop that can read the partition,
and I am currently copying the 120Gb of Red One footage onto another external HDD I have, so I can format the G-Raid drive for windows (likely NTFS), and then copy the data back again.

Instead of booting into Linux I could have installed the trial version of MacDrive, on one of my Windows PC’s, however the reviews I read of that particular program were rather bad, with people having to boot into safe mode to load a previous system restore point.
Aren’t computers great…. when they work :P

Anyway, for anyone in the Adelaide (South Australia) area that is interested in editing some RedOne footage let me know and you can get a copy of it from me.

For more information regarding the Open Cut competition visit

Michael Kubler
Grey Phoenix Productions

PS : I am in no way affiliated with Silverado systems, or the Open Cut competition.
PPS : If you truly want to edit Red One footage… I hope your computer is up to it.
PPPS : The Open Cut competition closes on the 31st of August.

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