Juncture in life – What will happen next?

Is at an interesting juncture in his life and isn’t sure how things will go, most options involve me working very intensely over the next few months, the biggest issue is that I’m in enough debt that it hurts (~$8K) :

  1. Teacher Time, the web platform I’m helping develop with a passionate group of entrepreneurs is coming along really well, we just validated the business model and have our first paying customers. I want to work on it full time, but without funding I’m not going to be able to afford to. If we do get funding then I’m likely to move to Sydney for a few months to really put things into full gear.
  2. SneakerNet : I allied to the Innovsy startup incubator to get SneakerNet off the ground. The couriered hard drive service would likely end up with me riding around Adelaide a lot whilst also developing better data backup processes for various companies and professionals. It would require that I setup a physical presence with a secure storage site, making it a lot harder for me to move (at least for a number of years until I’ve sold the business off or maybe it does a major pivot).
  3. City of Marion Glade Crescent redevelopment : Myself, Saeble and Derek/NextFaze applied to do an interactive artwork project as part of the redevelopment of some wetlands and playground in Hallet Cove. We did a pretty decent pitch of Laurie the Lizard (a physical metalworked masterpiece complete with LED lights and touch sensors) which is mixed with Augmented Reality and a Lizardgotchi app. We have a 1 in 3 chance of winning and if we get it I’m going to have to get out the soldering iron and learn to program Arduino microcontrollers and connect them with an Android phone (and get help from people who are good with electronics). It excites me but is pretty challenging.
  4. Earth Communities : This is the one I really think will be awesome, but is a much longer term project. It’s about creating an intentional (sustainable) community which is a practical application of the Price of Zero transition to an RBE. Most likely I would work on websites, hosting, film making and photography for non-profits. I’m currently uploading a 6.5GB high def video of the hour long presentation video of Craig Cowling explaining the concept (the 2nd time it was filmed).
  5. Last ditch option : None of the above pan out and I go on the dole for a short while as I try and find a programming job or *shudders* more IT support.

So overall it looks like my options revolve around either anchoring in Adelaide, going interstate, or floating around.
I don’t know what will happen, but I certainly know that the future will be interesting.

By Michael Kubler

Photographer, cinematographer, web master/coder.

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