4 Paradigm Changes

There’s 4 main things that I’d like to help usher paradigm changes in :

  • Entertainment – Using the Multipath, interactive online video concept.
  • Education – Using a combination of the flipped classroom model and child-driven self education.
  • Energy – From centralised Fossil Fuels, to decentralised renewables (although I’m helping push some large scale centralised renewable projects as a transition).
  • Economics – From our current Capitalist monetary system to the Resource Based Economy model, which is based on science, sustainability and automation.
Michael Kubler
Michael Kubler

They are all somewhat linked. The energy change requires a change in Economics because the price of renewable energy goes down over time, which directly affects the GDP of the country and also removes power from the oil monopolies. To change Energy and Economics you need to change the education and culture (entertainment).

The reason I came to these aims is because I realised I didn’t have a good enough direction in life, I knew that my long term aim is that I want to be remembered for my contributions to humanity and the environment, but I didn’t have enough details on how or what specific contributions. The 4 paradigms are ones that I’m passionate about and feel that I can actually help with, using the skills I have and the knowledge that I am often seeking.

I will also be making sure that if I do something I will  do it smart and with passion and purpose.

The paradigm changes may occur with 10 years, with my life time, or might take a few generations to occur, but given my understanding of current trends, these are things which need to occur, but certainly aren’t the only changes.

I’m not interesting in getting rich (unless that is an unfortunate requirement to making some of the changes required), my passion is around making the world a better place for everyone.
I want to see a world where we can provide food, water, electricity, transport, entertainment, education and all the necessities of life, for free to everyone on the planet.

By Michael Kubler

Photographer, cinematographer, web master/coder.


  1. Interesting post – obviously some very intriguing stuff afoot.

    I’d be keen to chat when we get the chance about how these paradigms interrelate and come together, and how you manage such a divided attention. I admire that you’re willing to approach such big, diverse challenges, but imagine you will have challenges prioritising and keeping focused.

  2. You’ll also need to explain why you’re passionate about the multipath media stuff, it seems pretty inconsequential to me, compared to three other approaches to saving the world. : )

  3. Thanks John.
    Yeah, keeping focus is hard. Even harder when you have to worry about working in order to pay for food to survive and to pay off your debts from previous attempts at doing things which I learnt a lot from, but technically failed.

  4. The reason I’m interested in the Multipath stuff is because the biggest changes that need to occur are at the cultural level. We have the technical capability of proving abundant nutritious food, sustainable energy, fast transport, self-sustainable housing, self-driven education and entertainment which doesn’t rot your brain.

    Given that a lot of our ideals, passions and values are so heavily influenced by the media, giving people the tools needed to change this is one of the first aims, although I want to work on it in tandem with the educational revolution because together the others come almost as a matter of consequence because we have a whole new wave of kids who aren’t thinking with the same capitalist mentality.

    So yes, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about it and realised that what I want isn’t so much to bring about the paradigm changes themselves, I want to give people the tools they need in order to do it as a massive collaborative.

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