What I look for in a partner

My ‘requirements’ for a partner are fairly simple. You enjoy spending time with the person and you can and do spend lots of time with them (but not too much, personal time is good too).

Enjoying your time with a person usually equates to having shared interests and values and getting along, being on approximately the same wavelength. Just because you might be a cat person and they might be a dog person doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy your time together. Although some people are very strict when it comes to the type of people they can hang around and the sort of conversations and attitudes they enjoy. For example I know that I despise smoking and smokers, but could overcome that for a really awesome woman. But if she’s religious she has to be REALLY fucking amazing :P

Being able to spend lots of time together is usually harder for me. I’m a bit of a night owl and I often find myself out of sync with the majority of people. It’s like my body is in a different timezone. Maybe I’m half a day ahead ;)
— NB : This was my response to a Facebook post by Anna Scott.
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