Walk for Solar

I’m joining a walk from Port Augusta to Adelaide to promote Solar Thermal. The 300km+ walk will start on the 16th of Sept and take until the 30th. We will arrive in the city on the Sunday hopefully to a large group of supporters with the votes from the community vote which shows that Port Augusta wants to replace their old coal fire power stations (which are being shut down) with Solar Thermal.

Whilst I’ll be putting up $500 myself to support the event and my walk I’m looking for people to donate some money (doesn’t have to be much but most people have been donating $25-$50). My fundraising profile is at http://www.repowerportaugusta.org/michael.kubler

Michael’s fundraising profile


By Michael Kubler

Photographer, cinematographer, web master/coder.


  1. Good on you, Michael,
    I’m trying the same thing, if I can raise the $500.
    I think it’s a great cause.

    The Proffessor

  2. I realised I didn’t give my right email address.
    I am very cautious about giving that.
    Especially when you don’t give your’s.

    However, if we are both going on this walk, then who knows.
    I’m still looking for sponsors.
    Any ideas that may help me?
    Not sure I’ll get there.


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