Windows 10 Anniversary update broke Vagrant

If you are like me and use a Windows machine to do web development on, but use a Linux Vagrant virtual machine, then you likely had issues with the virtual box VM not working after the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

I found that after spending hours waiting for Windows 10 to update, my usual vagrant up then stopped working.

I tried updating both vagrant and virtualBox and restarting the machine, still no dice. Vagrant would complain, usually about the vm being in the wrong state, like aborted.


After checking online I followed a suggestion and uninstalled then reinstalled Virtualbox and w00t, it works now!

So moral of the story, updating vagrant is fine, but just updating Virtualbox isn’t enough, you have to uninstall and reinstall.


If you haven’t already run the Windows 10 anniversary update then my suggestion is to sure you make a vagrant package or at least virtualbox clone as a backup, just in case. Unless you are one of those awesome people who actually destroy their vm after each usage (maybe you use Ansible to provision it?), or use something other than virtualbox, in which case carry on.

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By Michael Kubler

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