Stripe Mock Testing in PHP

Stripe Mock Testing in PHP.
Make sure the Go version is up to date, the Stripe Client has the api_base set and the CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER is set to 0 for the curl client.

My ~/.bash_aliases 2017

I have a base ~/.bash_aliases file which I normally use Ansible to update on various servers when needed and thought I’d share it. This is intended for sys admins using Ubuntu. [ Download the bash aliases file here ] The main aliases are : ll – I use this ALL the time, it’s `ls -aslch` and shows the… Continue reading My ~/.bash_aliases 2017

Don’t Use Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator

Update: Google Authenticator has now been updated and does sync to your cloud and you can much more easily import/export. In the mean time Authenticator Plus has been deprecated and is no longer a useful alternative. It’s cloud sync capabilities don’t work properly anymore and when you export, the categories aren’t saved and the search… Continue reading Don’t Use Google Authenticator

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#Drupalgeddon If you haven’t updated your drupal site, it’s infected

Do you host a Drupal website? Did you update within 7hrs of the latest Drupal update? If not your site is likely infected. Ours were. The main issue is an SQL Injection vulnerability in the core of Drupal that can even allow arbitrary PHP to be executed. The fiasco is being called #Drupalgeddon. If you run… Continue reading #Drupalgeddon If you haven’t updated your drupal site, it’s infected

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