Looking Forward to 2017

Looking ahead, it seems like there’s some crucial parts of 2017 that I’m looking forward to. Mainly a 4-6week period around March and April.

Emma my sister’s wedding on the 12th March. Then flying to Brisbane to help organise and also finish prepping my ZDay speech which will be on the 2nd day of ZDay, I’ll be presenting just after Peter Joseph. w00t!

I’ll hang around for a little while with the awesome Brissy geisters, then I’m presenting at the NZ ZDay event in Auckland on the 9th of April. Fk yeah. Hopefully I’ll get to spend a week enjoying the sights. I’ve never been to New Zealand. Then heading home.

Before that big trip I’ll be packing up the place I currently live, putting most of the stuff into storage for a little while. I’ll likely come back from overseas and stay at my Dad’s place for a bit until I can find somewhere I like.

Most of the rest of the year I’ll be working full time at The Distillery. I’m a web dev / sys admin. Working with Symfony PHP, WordPress, Drupal, LAMP stack, Ansible server config, that sort of stuff. I’m also interested in playing with my own ReactJS, Apollo, MongoDB web app for Gather Together a meeting reminder / organising system I had the need for years ago.

The aim is to pay off my remaining credit card debt which is left over from when I tried to work on eMotively full time last year.
I’ve got a backlog of taxes to then start paying off and depending on how things go, my aim is to save up a 3 month runway whereby I can try working on my sci-fi novel The Book of New Eden. It’s meant to be set about 50yrs in the future, but at my current rate when I finally get around to actually writing it the future will already be here.

I know that I’m not going to spontaneously have the spare mental capacity to write an epic heros journey without actually putting the time aside. I’ve got years of ideas, notes, chapter parts and other stuff that needs to be assembled. I have the core framework of the novel, the chapter outlines, small parts of the story, but there’s a lot missing and a lot of work to do.

The first couple of months of the year I’m looking forward to being single. Flik and I were together since just after the Walk for Solar, basically the start of October 2012 so over 4yrs. That’s the longest relationship I’ve been in and before that I’ve always lived in a shared house or with family, never spent more than a couple of weeks living on my own. Hopefully I don’t let the house get too messy.

Talking about the Walk for Solar, the Repower Pt Augusta campaign is getting back into gear with a big, South Australian wide vote for Solar Thermal or Gas. You should vote, it only takes a second.

We know, thanks to BZE the volunteer engineering organisation that Australia can be powered by 100% Renewables using a mixture of over 60% wind, a bunch of Solar Thermal and a touch of biomass backup. Solar Thermal and Wind compliment each other extremely well and SA already has over 30% of it’s power from wind and renewables, with some days wind power produces over 100% of our power.

So yes, I’ll be helping with the Repower Pt Augusta campaign. Getting the first grid connected Solar Thermal power station in Australia would be an amazing first, an epic win. Did I mention it’ll also create a mass of jobs and be good for the economy?

By Michael Kubler

Photographer, cinematographer, web master/coder.

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