19th Jan – Looking back at the last week

Wow, what a crazy week.


Last weekend I photographed some matches of the Volley Ball SA Beach Volley Ball open which was for the Commonwealth games selection process.


Whilst at Glenelg I also swam out past the jetty. Although parallel to it and far enough away I wasn’t going to get a fishing hook to the face. The water 💧 was warm but waves fairly strong.
Also got to have a good dinner with Jason who’d been the official photographer for the event and had borrowed a bunch of my camera gear which was why I came down to visit the first time. I returned because it’s fun and I’m not likely to get much time to visit the Adelaide beaches in a long long while.
I was late on Sunday because I was trying to get into the Selfkey ICO, but they’d already sold out.
Ohh and that Sunday evening I checked out the TDU – Tour Down Under event in the city with my older Bro and his family.


Monday after work I visited a potluck house party and we watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Damn I love that. I now have to go watch all of Taika Waititi’s work.

Of course, chatting with awesome people until past midnight then a nearly 45min ride home and another hour to cool down. The 2nd night of not enough sleep before work.


Tuesday arvo I went to Salsa dancing classes at Latino Grooves. It was the first class of the year and only the beginners class. I did some classes last year but jumped into the 3rd of the season which was intense. So this was good much much easier for me. Hint to guys: There’s a LOT of girls doing dance classes and by redoing them at a slightly lower level you’ll be impressively awesome to them, haha 😂


Heading home from Salsa I pre-ordered a Subway sub using the OTR app, giving me a chance to test the changes I deployed hadn’t broken anything obvious. Plus I was hungry and 😴
Thing is, the police had cordoned off the main road where that OTR is. from the Maid and Magpie up to the Avenues Shopping Centre, but they let me through from the other side.
Got home, slept for an hour, got up in time to research the next ICO, AidCoin and had my transaction done within 20s of it going live. Yay. I’m getting better at this and now properly grok the Ethereum Gas prices.


I’ve been listening to the audiobook of Tim Ferris’s 4 hour work week and it’s very appropriate given I’m planning to spend a month in Germany and 6+ months in Vietnam.
One suggestion I want to try is an information detox. I’ve logged my phone out of Facebook and have been better at adding articles to pocket to theoretically read later. Although that lasted about 6hrs…


Wednesday has been dealing with broken stuff. A website down, backup server borked, stuff broken in testing at work. But crypto price dropped a lot. Time to buy!! If only Bpay didn’t take so long.


Ohh and I announced to the two remaining activism groups I’m a part of that I’m leaving. Need to hand over the responsibility for Zeitgeist Movement South Australia and also the CLEANSA website.


Thursday was wedding day for Kate and Jordan. A nice hot one in the middle of the day, but under an amazing tree, so that was good. Caught up with family I haven’t seen in a very long time and others I haven’t seen before.
Someone ended up with their keys at home, long story, but I drove them and some family to go pick them up.
The reception at Waterfall Gully was nice. The 42.5°C day wasn’t. Even opening the car door nearly burnt my hand and the aircon really struggled. The TV screen in the car complained it was too hot and shut off (I don’t use it anyway, but it was interesting to see).
Home for just long enough to change into something cooler and watch a little Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D before heading off to the Norwood Parade. It was for the the usual Thursday at Boun Giorno’s, except today was some annual food and wine festival. Helped keep it interesting.


Thursday night after dinner I managed to catch up on the rest of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and get a good early nights sleep, I think I was dead to the world by 12:30am.


Friday, another hot day.
Hot enough that the aircon at work really struggled and the Fire Alarm kept going off despite there not being any smoke.
But some Cards Against Humanity kept things fun.


Then it was Friday night. Writing night in the city!
Whilst riding in I happened to briefly caught up with Pas, an awesome friend. Then some pre-emptive shopping of things I’ll need for my trip overseas, like antihistamines. Had a shoulder, neck and back massage, then a burger at Lord of the Fries. I was ready to write. Except it was too hot to write outside and found out that damn it, Movenpick is still closed!
They used to be my jam. I’d write in the mall until everything closed past 9pm then head to Movenpick until Midnight. Thankfully I found somewhere close, air conditioned and seems pretty carefree about how long I stay. Australia’s Pizza house. Just next to Zamberro’s. Seats about 40, but rarely had more than 4 people, with one being an attractive waitress as an added bonus.


But alas, the week is over and I’m still massively behind in all my plans even if I have been enriched in experience.


Tomorrow I’ve got to clean up my room. Ohh. Yay… But it’s for a good cause. I’m showing a friend how to use a light tent and maybe some of the basics of Crypto, but really I want to talk to her about the big stuff. Comparing The Zeitgeist Movement with Deep Green Resistance and ways we can make a meaningful difference in society.
Sunday is a CORENA committee strategy meeting. Ideally I’d have some draft of the video I should have been putting together, but there’s no chance of that.


Maybe next week will be calmer. The menu calls for meditation, regular sleep and a touch of Salsa dancing. Having Friday off for Australia day will be good. I might get a chance to actually book my plane flight, work out visa’s and medical insurance.


I also have to work out what to do for exercise. I can’t risk doing a long run with my Achilles Tendon as injured as it is. Breaking it before going overseas is not advisable. Maybe I’ll have to be a Middle Aged Man Not-In Lycra. I’m not buying some Lycra for bike riding, but a trip to the end of Linear park would be good when it cools down.


Well, that’s my stream of consciousness of my week done. Yet another snapshot of my life for the archives.
Michael Kubler
19th Jan 2018.

By Michael Kubler

Photographer, cinematographer, web master/coder.

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