Update : I’m 108% busy

In the theme of openness and transparency and just generally updating my blog :

  • I’m currently working 9-5 at the Adelaide Festival and the very busy Festival period is starting.
  • I’m developing a web platform for an education startup called Teacher Time.
  • I’m the founder of the South Australian Zeitgeist Movement chapter and would like more time to help organise ZDay and work on a presentation for it (but send an amazing amount of thanks to Kari and David for doing most of the work so far!)
  • I’m an active member of Occupy Adelaide and pretty much run the website.
  • I have recently started helping the Climate Emergency Action Network of South Australia (CLEANSA) run a campaign to convert some coal fired power stations to Concentrating Solar Thermal, which would be the first installed in Australia. An amazing opportunity. I’ll also need to help fix their website.
  • I occasionally do photography and a little film work for a local non-profit news media outfit called Our World Today which is helping re-define journalism.
  • As such I’m pretty much running at 108% capacity, at least until the 18th of March.
  • I’m also in about $9,500 Credit Card debt as I tried getting Films on the Fly off the ground last year and went to Sydney for about 10 weeks. Unfortunately I’m a social programmer, I need to bounce ideas off people and by the time I built the networks which could help me I ended up running out of money (hence the debt).
  • I worked at 2moro mobile when I got back to Adelaide. Was doing web development and Linux system admin, but they unexpectedly got liquidated and I lost $4k in wages I was owed.
  • My general aim for the future is to get out of debt, and when there is enough traction with Teacher Time (and hopefully some investment), go work full time with Michael Imsteph, Jesse Black, Silvio and the others on a full time basis to help scale the service up and out and add new features and pivot and everything else required.

Occupy Movement Proposal – Be Solutions Based

After a discussion after the GA there was a great idea. Be solutions focused.

This is my proposal to the Occupy Movement

Proposal : Occupy should not talk so much about what we are against. We should primarily talk about viable solutions which we support and why.
We should be solutions focused.

If there is an issue or range of interconnected issues without a viable solution then we can help help facilitate the discussions and education required to then come up with solutions.


  1. As an example instead of saying we are against the 1%, it would be that we are for Income equality, power equality, and democracy.
  2. Another example : We support the Beyond Zero Emissions stationary energy plan. A proposal by a group of volunteer engineers which aims to convert Australia to 100% renewable energy.
    Why? Because it means our electricity will be cheaper in the long run. It means we can replace the ageing, dirty coal fired power plants with Concentrated Solar Thermal Power stations. We can use wind farms and keep people in jobs (compared to transitioning to a gas power station) and won’t require environmentally destructive industrial processes such as Coal Seam Gas extraction which put our ground water at risk of being permanently destroyed.
    We can have our power outlets running off 100% renewable, carbon free energy allowing for a new wave of electric vehicles.
  3. In regards to income equality and the major issues with the economic and political systems, we are still discussing, debating and educating ourselves regarding the root causes and the alternatives available. We can attempt to make changes the current capitalist system or attempt to change to a new system such as  Communism and Socialism or some of the newer options like  Steady State Economics, True Cost Economics, Participatory Economics and Resource Based Economics.

We hope the public will take part in the discussions, bring their perspectives and help augment and enhance the final proposed solution.
We would like to hear and discuss proposals regarding everything from environmental to social to energy, economic, political to health, food and more.

Note : We don’t need to be locked into a single solution, in many cases it may be better to support/test/advocate a number of them.

Occupy Democracy…. But what about the human brain?

Some new scientific evidence is emerging which actually brings into question some of the fundamental assumptions of Democracy, especially the belief that a well informed public increases democracy and that people actually care about social issues.
http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2010/07/11/how_facts_backfire/ Researchers discover a surprising threat to democracy: our brains
http://www.sciguru.com/newsitem/11361/Ignorance-bliss-when-it-comes-challenging-social-issues — The less people know about important complex issues such as the economy, energy consumption and the environment, the more they want to avoid becoming well-informed, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association.
Together, these two studies may cause us to rethink the way we promote social activism and the future of governance structures. Especially in Western culture.

Occupy, with the focus on the 99% vs the 1% and the social and economic inequality between the two, whilst camping to force the issue to a head, are possibly making people want the occupiers to take the issue on and resolve it, but the majority of the 99% aren’t likely to be interested in helping unless changes are made. That said, it has been very successful so far in raising awareness and thankfully, Occupy seems to be undergoing a metamorphosis which may help bring engagement.