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Update : I’m 108% busy

In the theme of openness and transparency and just generally updating my blog : I’m currently working 9-5 at the Adelaide Festival and the very busy Festival period is starting. I’m developing a web platform for an education startup called Teacher Time. I’m the founder of the South Australian Zeitgeist Movement chapter and would like…

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Week 3 of Sydney

Well, it’s week 3 of me being in Sydney and I’ve been going through the dip. The part between when everything is new and novel to when you actually get something worth showing. Talking about something worth showing. Here’s a manually placed version of the RaVis explorer tree view which we are using for the…

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First week in Sydney

Well, I’ve been in Sydney for about a week so far. The first week out of ~12. It seems to have gone so fast, but also agonisingly slow. It’s over a week since I saw my girlfriend. Since I got to hold her in my arms and kiss her. It’s over a week since my…

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