OMG ink is expensive


As some of you might know, I run a photography studio/stall at the Port Adelaide Markets in South Australia.
I have a Canon ip9000, which is an AU$1,000 A3+ printer. However it takes the pitifully small CLI-8 ink tanks…. 8 of them.

I ordered 3 sets of ink tanks in October last year, and yesterday at the markets did an inventory check after having replaced almost all ink tanks on the one day. I was all out of some colours.
Well I just ordered replacements from …. $400 worth.

Whilst I have been printing a number of photos myself, including a 24 page(?) display portfolio, a number of test prints, and 10x A3 sized prints of the Schoolyard Justice poster.
Still, it’s a lot of money when I only got $480 in my pay packet this week, instead of the usual amount (over double that). Then again that is also my faulty as I was in Sydney for the Google Developers conference.

ALF – The Audio Labourers Federation

Recently on the Digital Labourers Federation email discussion forum someone suggested creating a similar forum for audio people (while the DLF is for visual effects people).


As I run a dedicated server, it is reasonably cheap for me to host a site, and I was interested in setting up a mailing list anyway, this was right up my alley.


After some discussion about the domain I registered then within 48 hours had the website up, and the mailing list (Mailman) configured.
It turns out that I misjudged just how much Ram was required, and had to get the virtual linux server upgraded from 128Mb of ram to 386MB, on the way giving me 12GB of HDD space, and a whopping 384GB of bandwidth.
Although it also increases my yearly web hosting bill from $120/yr to nearly $500/yr, but it gives me a lot more flexibility.


So if you want a website, mailing list, or anything of the sort, feel free to contact me, and I’ll see what I can do.