OMG ink is expensive


As some of you might know, I run a photography studio/stall at the Port Adelaide Markets in South Australia.
I have a Canon ip9000, which is an AU$1,000 A3+ printer. However it takes the pitifully small CLI-8 ink tanks…. 8 of them.

I ordered 3 sets of ink tanks in October last year, and yesterday at the markets did an inventory check after having replaced almost all ink tanks on the one day. I was all out of some colours.
Well I just ordered replacements from …. $400 worth.

Whilst I have been printing a number of photos myself, including a 24 page(?) display portfolio, a number of test prints, and 10x A3 sized prints of the Schoolyard Justice poster.
Still, it’s a lot of money when I only got $480 in my pay packet this week, instead of the usual amount (over double that). Then again that is also my faulty as I was in Sydney for the Google Developers conference.

By Michael Kubler

Photographer, cinematographer, web master/coder.

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