Knight Rider 2008 TV film

Knight Rider 2008 TV title


I just watched the pilot of the 2008 series of Knight Rider, and if the Television movie pilot is anything to go by, then this will certainly be something to watch.

A fast, amazing car, with some nice futuristic tech, and a cool voice (surprisingly done by Val Kilmer) that I would compare in humor and quality to GLaDOS in Portal. There’s a cute girl who needs rescuing, and while the main guy doesn’t have quite the same feel (nor hair) as the Hoff from the original series, it’s the car that is the main character of the show.

Kitt Speeding

I don’t want to spoil it, but while the car is kick ass, the bad guys aren’t exactly your local street thugs. They are switched on, and very resourceful.

Main couple in the new Knight Rider TV series

Ohh and did I mention there’s a special guest appearance of David Hasselhoff?


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