Cleaning out the shed

Messy Shed
Messy Shed

Well, I normally refrain from writing up posts about personal stuff, but I thought this was worthy.

Around a year ago we (Dad, Step-Mum and Sis) moved from a big house to a smaller house. It was a BIG move. They had to get extra trucks just to move the 140 odd boxes.
Anyway, the shed at our new place very quickly filled up with junk, and since then has been the domain of my Dad who has just helped spread everything out, to the point you couldn’t even get the bikes out without issues.

Messy Shed shot
Messy Shed shot

Well he is on a long trip to Germany, and in the mean time, Tania (my Russian Step-Mother), Anya (my Russian Girlfriend), and I, cleaned out and re-organised the shed.

We pulled everything out, and sorted out the broken stuff, then I would slowly, box by box, pull everything out, and either put it on the shelves, or put it back in the box in an organised manner.

Almost Empty Shed
Almost Empty Shed

We ended up with half a trailer of broken gear, and by using the vertical space, instead of the floor, managed to create a LOT more room, and have also organised things into seperate spaces. Hand tools, have a section, while Power tools have another, and there’s the bits and bobs rack with sections for screws & nails, Gardening, Electrical, paint, and other stuff.

Organised Shed
Organised Shed

Actually I’m quite proud of the accomplishment, and that I managed to do it (with help) within one day.

I even managed time to pick my girlfriend up from her place.

Anya with the flowers I got her
Anya with the flowers I got her

Well, now I just hope it takes longer to mess up the shed than it took to re-organise it.


Well good news, News that I’ve been waiting to hear for over 7 months, and still can’t believe.
Anya (my girlfriend in Russia), finally got her visa! She will be moving to Australia within 2-3 weeks.

She was called up about 24 hours ago and notified about it, and has since caught one of the last trains from St Petersburg to Moscow, and physically picked up her visa a couple of hours ago.

I’m still waiting for the news to really hit me, even though I basically cried when she told me.

Knight Rider 2008 TV film

Knight Rider 2008 TV title


I just watched the pilot of the 2008 series of Knight Rider, and if the Television movie pilot is anything to go by, then this will certainly be something to watch.

A fast, amazing car, with some nice futuristic tech, and a cool voice (surprisingly done by Val Kilmer) that I would compare in humor and quality to GLaDOS in Portal. There’s a cute girl who needs rescuing, and while the main guy doesn’t have quite the same feel (nor hair) as the Hoff from the original series, it’s the car that is the main character of the show.

Kitt Speeding

I don’t want to spoil it, but while the car is kick ass, the bad guys aren’t exactly your local street thugs. They are switched on, and very resourceful.

Main couple in the new Knight Rider TV series

Ohh and did I mention there’s a special guest appearance of David Hasselhoff?


Faulty ram = bad.

Man, last night was fun… Not
I was trying to copy some stuff to my mythbuntu box (which the family has taken a big liking to), and it was very slow. I would normally get 7MB/s off the network but was only getting 2MB/s and the copy would pause every few mintues for up to 2 mins.
Anyway, I checked htop (better version of top) and it showed the CPU usage was 100% on both CPU cores when copying even though the Samba daemon was only using about 30%. There was also some random mythtv log file services that would use crazy amounts of resources every few minutes, but the log file wasn’t being written to.

So I restarted the box, and it decided that it hadn’t scanned the HDD in 700 odd days, and it started to scan the drive and find various errors. After trying to repair the drive a few times and it kept finding more problems, I restarted the Linux box again and ran Mem test, on a hunch that the new ram I’d installed a week before was faulty.
!LOTS of errors! I pulled and changed some sticks around until I found the offending ram stick. Then had to run fsck manually, say yes to everything and it finally booted properly.

I think one of my Battlestar Galactica TV eps was ruined, but better than the 320Gb’s of movies and TV eps being wiped.

Welcome to 2008

Hello everyone! WELCOME TO 2008!

I hope everyone wonderful New Year.

Hopefully a year in which School Yard Justice is finally completed and I’ve actually finished the website (a working gallery page is almost finished, which is hopefully the hardest of the programming I can envision). Once School Yard Justice is release we can look at showing it at some film festivals, then

I also hope that my girlfriend Anna will get her visa and move from Russia to here, long distance long term relationships are very hard, but I hope rewarding.
Another thing I would like to be rewarding is my photography stall at the Fisherman’s Wharf Markets. Every Sunday I go down to the markets at Port Adelaide and I am planning to have general themes. Starting next weekend I will start a Valentines themed stall, aiming to take photos of couples, singles, or anyone who wants their photo done with a rose and a big love heart shaped Potatoshopped© frame and some phrases.

I also need to move out of home. While I have a lot of freedom at the moment I lack independence. I need somewhere that Anna and I can stay, and also somewhere I can be without being disturbed every time someone decides to get home, go to the toilet, slam a door, talk on the phone, turn the TV on loud, or yell at each other *glares at my Russian step mum and sister*