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Well, I just went through and added some URL redirect rules similar to http://seocompany.ca/seo/url-redirect.html

I now have http://greyphoenix.com.au (or any of the other non-specified domains that I handle) redirecting to http://www.greyphoenix.biz/GPPv2/

I also changed syjmovie.com to www.syjmovie.com and also ugmovie.info to www.ugmovie.info.

Once the Schoolyard Justice movie is released online, which is slated for onlly 6 days time as I write this (a countdown is available on the site).

Talking about the SYJ movie, I am picking up the final edit from Rodney in a few hours, and have also been talking with Internode, a local (Australian) ISP who have graciously agreed to mirror the film.


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By Michael Kubler

Photographer, cinematographer, web master/coder.

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