School Yard Justice : DVD release – February 2009

SYJ DVD promo - Feb 2009

Yes, that’s right, the School Yard Justice DVD is due to be released to the Public in February this year (not very far away). Why buy the DVD, why not just watch it on the website?

Because you get :

  • A warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach
  • Alternate versions of the film
  • Directors commentary
  • Deleted scenes
  • Various out takes
  • A slide show

All this will be available for only AUD$15 + P&H.

URL redirecting

Well, I just went through and added some URL redirect rules similar to

I now have (or any of the other non-specified domains that I handle) redirecting to

I also changed to and also to

Once the Schoolyard Justice movie is released online, which is slated for onlly 6 days time as I write this (a countdown is available on the site).

Talking about the SYJ movie, I am picking up the final edit from Rodney in a few hours, and have also been talking with Internode, a local (Australian) ISP who have graciously agreed to mirror the film.


Schoolyard Justice – Release date

As per Rodney’s blog, over at Fernby, the short film both of us have been working on will be released this month. In fact, the local premiere will be on Thursday the 26th of June, with the International Web release on Friday the 27th June.

Original blog post :

If you would like to be notified when the movie is released feel free to subscribe to it’s mailing list, or simply check out the website.

Actually I suggest you check out the trailer, to wet your appetite, and tide you over until the movie release.

Now I better get back to working on the site :D

Welcome to 2008

Hello everyone! WELCOME TO 2008!

I hope everyone wonderful New Year.

Hopefully a year in which School Yard Justice is finally completed and I’ve actually finished the website (a working gallery page is almost finished, which is hopefully the hardest of the programming I can envision). Once School Yard Justice is release we can look at showing it at some film festivals, then

I also hope that my girlfriend Anna will get her visa and move from Russia to here, long distance long term relationships are very hard, but I hope rewarding.
Another thing I would like to be rewarding is my photography stall at the Fisherman’s Wharf Markets. Every Sunday I go down to the markets at Port Adelaide and I am planning to have general themes. Starting next weekend I will start a Valentines themed stall, aiming to take photos of couples, singles, or anyone who wants their photo done with a rose and a big love heart shaped Potatoshopped© frame and some phrases.

I also need to move out of home. While I have a lot of freedom at the moment I lack independence. I need somewhere that Anna and I can stay, and also somewhere I can be without being disturbed every time someone decides to get home, go to the toilet, slam a door, talk on the phone, turn the TV on loud, or yell at each other *glares at my Russian step mum and sister*