URL redirecting

Well, I just went through and added some URL redirect rules similar to http://seocompany.ca/seo/url-redirect.html I now have http://greyphoenix.com.au (or any of the other non-specified domains that I handle) redirecting to http://www.greyphoenix.biz/GPPv2/ I also changed syjmovie.com to www.syjmovie.com and also ugmovie.info to www.ugmovie.info. Once the Schoolyard Justice movie is released online, which is slated for onlly… Continue reading URL redirecting

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Schoolyard Justice – Release date

As per Rodney’s blog, over at Fernby Films.com, the short film both of us have been working on will be released this month. In fact, the local premiere will be on Thursday the 26th of June, with the International Web release on Friday the 27th June. Original blog post : http://www.fernbyfilms.com/2008/06/11/schoolyard-justice-premiere-date-announcement/ If you would like… Continue reading Schoolyard Justice – Release date

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Welcome to 2008

Hello everyone! WELCOME TO 2008! I hope everyone wonderful New Year. Hopefully a year in which School Yard Justice is finally completed and I’ve actually finished the website (a working gallery page is almost finished, which is hopefully the hardest of the programming I can envision). Once School Yard Justice is release we can look… Continue reading Welcome to 2008