Photo of the week – 005 : Anya

The photos below are from an impromptu photoshoot with my girlfriend (and fellow photographer) Anya. In between taking some photos of the production crew, and possible actors for the SA-FILM ‘Mainstream News’ auditions. More photos in the gallery.

1. Details : 1 strobe (like the one she is holding) into a white shoot through umbrella to camera left.

Anya Mironova : Low key

2. Details : 1 main strobe to camera left, with a 2nd even further to the left illuminating both Anya and the background, with a 3rd flash to camera right, to brighten the background.

Anya Mironova - Smiling

Model : Anya Mironova
Photographer : Michael Kubler
Equipment : Canon 400D, 2x Pocket Wizards, 9 Foot ‘neutral grey’ paper backdrop, up to 3x Studio flash strobes.

Michael Kubler

Grey Phoenix Productions

Photo of the week – 001 : Anya

Hi everyone.
Being a photographer, I have decided to show off a photo (or few), once a week.

The Photo below is of Anya Mironova, my girlfriend. Yes, it somewhat looks like she is sitting on the toilet, but no, she is not.

Anya Mironova - High Key

Click the photo above for a larger version, you can also view the Original Image.

Photographer : © Michael Kubler. Grey Phoenix Productions
Location : Studio stall – Port Adelaide Markets, South Australia.