Lenny’s Podcast Summaries Q2 2024

I’ve downloaded a bunch of Lenny’s Podcast episodes, extracted the Subtitles from them and then asked Claude (the AI) to summarise them. These aren’t all of them, just ones that really stood out to me. Note: If anyone has any issues with this, please let me know. I love the stuff coming from Lenny’s Podcast,… Continue reading Lenny’s Podcast Summaries Q2 2024

Meditations on Moloch – Summary

Something I’m enjoying doing is using Claude (Anthropic’s equivalent to ChatGPT) to summarise podcasts, books and in this case an article I keep hearing about but never completed reading. Scott Alexander posted the Meditations on Moloch article in 2014 and the Game B community, especially people like Daniel Schmachtenberger has been talking about multi-polar traps… Continue reading Meditations on Moloch – Summary

What’s Our Problem by Tim Urban – Summary

What’s our problem? I highly recommend the Book / Audiobook of What’s Our Problem by Wait But Why’s author Tim Urban. Michael Kubler: I really liked this book and felt like the topics discussed in it are important for society to understand. Unfortunately it’s hard for me to take detailed notes when listening to the… Continue reading What’s Our Problem by Tim Urban – Summary

The Wealth of Nations but not of the world

So I recently started listening to the audiobook of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. It’s an epic 36 hour long audiobook. I’ve got the physical book as well and it’s also an epic tome. But, within the intro chapter Adam Smith already makes some presuppositions or at least conclusions which irritate me.  For example… Continue reading The Wealth of Nations but not of the world

To Sell is Human – Dan Pink

One of the TED talks I have watched the most and basically require other people to watch is on The Surprising Science of Motivation. In the presentation Dan Pink talks about Intrinsic Motivation, something which as a programmer, film maker, entrepreneur and activist I am very deeply motivated by. In the TED talk Dan Pink basically explains… Continue reading To Sell is Human – Dan Pink