vagrant plugin update

Vagrant is a program which makes it easy to start new Virtual Machines.I’ve got a Windows machine (for the games and video editing software). But usually code websites which are run on Linux servers. I usually have 1 or 2 VM’s running on my laptop. After getting messages from Vagrant every time I started up… Continue reading vagrant plugin update

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My ~/.bash_aliases 2017

I have a base ~/.bash_aliases file which I normally use Ansible to update on various servers when needed and thought I’d share it. This is intended for sys admins using Ubuntu. [ Download the bash aliases file here ] The main aliases are : ll – I use this ALL the time, it’s `ls -aslch` and shows the… Continue reading My ~/.bash_aliases 2017

Can the REM stack be a thing

REM stack : React Express MongoDB   It’s like the MEAN stack which means Mongo, Express, Angular Node. But Express is built on top of Node and is redundant. The other stack I still use a bit of LAMP. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. If you like the idea then you can retweet this. Can the… Continue reading Can the REM stack be a thing

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