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ZDay presentation – Price of Zero Transition to an RBE

At both the Global ZDay event in Brisbane, Australia and the New Zealand ZDay event in Auckland I gave this presentation about the Price of Zero transition to a Natural Law Resource Based Economy. This is based on the presentation given on Sunday the 26th of March 2017 at the New Globe Theatre in Brisbane,…

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Lets Treat Violence like a Contagious Disease

A number of years ago I watched Gary Slutkin’s TED talk on treating violence like a contagious disease and it has drastically changed the way I think about terrorist attacks, military war, police brutality, world peace and more. If you haven’t watched the presentation already I HIGHLY recommend you do. Actually the rest of the…

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4 Paradigm Changes

There’s 4 main things that I’d like to help usher paradigm changes in : Entertainment – Using the Multipath, interactive online video concept. Education – Using a combination of the flipped classroom model and child-driven self education. Energy – From centralised Fossil Fuels, to decentralised renewables (although I’m helping push some large scale centralised renewable…

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