Representative Democracy can it work?

In Australia and the majority of the Western world we have a form of democracy called representative democracy.  We vote for people who represent us.

Our economic system both expects and requires that people work in their own rational self-interest.

The question is, how can a representative democracy work in our capitalist driven economy?

We are voting for people to represent us, but they are expected to (and most do) work in their own self interest. Think of all the times politicians and political parties have promised one thing to get into power but done another to gain them more money, wealth or power.
It sounds to me like a fundamental system disorder. The two systems clash.


This post is in part a response to in which Stuart Austin tries to apply the Lean Startup principles of validation to politics. I’m instead applying the systems design thinking which I have learnt through the Zeitgeist Movement. It’s also something I’ve been wanting to write for a few years.

That said I helped create the video below to give Australian’s a basic understanding of politics in Australia and how to vote according to what you value.

By Michael Kubler

Photographer, cinematographer, web master/coder.

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