6th Sense + touch Grid = tactile knowledge of ship or suit or surroundings

There’s a great technology based around giving people a 6th sense.Currently it’s basically a vibrating smart watch or fitbit like device that’s connected via Bluetooth. The idea is that you can FEEL when something is happening.My thought was to connect it to the Flight Radar 24 APIs so I’d know how close by an aircraft… Continue reading 6th Sense + touch Grid = tactile knowledge of ship or suit or surroundings

Installing php-simple-kafka-lib (librdkafka version issues)

TLDR – Compile librdkafka from source Both Ubuntu 20.04 and AMI Linux 2 (effectively CentOS) have an older version of the librdkafka. My Ubuntu Vagrant VM shows v1.2.1 where as php-simple-kafka-lib shows the requirements as: php: ^7.3|^8.0ext-simple_kafka_client: >=0.1.0librdkafka: >=1.4.0 In order to install the PHP simple_kafka_client extension (using Pecl or complied from source) it needs… Continue reading Installing php-simple-kafka-lib (librdkafka version issues)

Focusing on Drivible

Recently I’ve come to a conclusion. I’ve got to focus on achieving a state of financial thriving before I can really focus on helping the transition to a Post-Scarcity Society, which is my core aim. Think of it like the advice that you should put your Oxygen mask on first. Side note: That’s because you’ll… Continue reading Focusing on Drivible

Systemic issues with Cryptocurrencies

This blog post is really just my notes and highlights after reading the very well put article by David Rosenthal on Cryptocurrencies https://blog.dshr.org/2022/02/ee380-talk.html His post is definitely worth the read for anyone who’s a crypto lover or hater.It covers some of the good points, but a lot of the systemic issues with Cryptocurrencies as they… Continue reading Systemic issues with Cryptocurrencies