2021 Year in Review

Something I wrote about a while ago was doing weekly reviews.Unfortunately Jen and I probably only did 6 or 7 of these this year with my Oct blog post being the closest to actually writing a review down. A few things that stick out for this year: We had Xavier’s first Birthday Jen’s Ex said… Continue reading 2021 Year in Review

Life Review Oct 2021

Something I do with Jen nearly weekly is a weekly review. But what I haven’t done recently is document it, let alone publicly. I’m not going to do a full review, this will be a bit more a stream of consciousness. At least at the start. Yesterday was my Birthday and I’m now 37 years… Continue reading Life Review Oct 2021

Open letter to Mackenzie Scott: 5 Why’s with Effective Altruism – Invest in Post Scarcity Solutions

This is an open letter to MacKenzie Scott and anyone else donating money to charities. Dear MacKenzie Scott, I am impressed with you signing the Giving Pledge and the sheer amount of money you’ve been giving. The world collectively thanks you. However, when looking at how you’ve been selecting and aiming your donations I feel… Continue reading Open letter to Mackenzie Scott: 5 Why’s with Effective Altruism – Invest in Post Scarcity Solutions

2020 – A year in review

Here’s a general look at my year of 2020. The year that started off with epic bushfires in Australia, the Taal volcano in Philippines erupting and will be known as the year of Covid19. There was the massive explosion in Beirut, even brain eating amoebae in a part of the US water supply, the Arecibo… Continue reading 2020 – A year in review

Reinvigorating TZM

At a meeting last night, Friday the 10th of July 2020 about 15 TZM members had a discussion on Team Speak about trying to reinvigorate the movement.There was lots of ideas. But a couple of people’s suggestions were on approaches to working out the best option instead of just ways to make TZM great again.Aaron… Continue reading Reinvigorating TZM

Advanced Filtering with MongoDB Aggregation Pipelines

MongoDB Aggregation code screenshot

This is a repost from https://medium.com/@kublermdk/advanced-filtering-with-mongodb-aggregation-pipelines-5ee7a8798746 although go read it there so I can get the Medium $$, because it reads better. For a project Chris Were and I have been working on we discovered a great way of doing advanced queries using MongoDB’s Aggregation pipelines with the use of the $merge operator in order… Continue reading Advanced Filtering with MongoDB Aggregation Pipelines

Via Negativa

Via Negativa translates to “by removal.” Taleb argues that a lot of problems can be solved by removing things, and not by adding more. In decision making, if you have to come up with more than one reason to do something, it’s probably because you’re just trying to convince yourself to do it. Decisions that… Continue reading Via Negativa