Evernote lost my work

TLDR: Evernote doesn’t seem to backup your work whilst writing. It doesn’t save until you’ve actually exited the note. So it’s highly vulnerable to your phone / tablet dying. The Story This afternoon I got my Android Tablet out and started to write up my weekly review. I haven’t actually done my review for the… Continue reading Evernote lost my work

Things I want to teach my children

Here’s a collection of things I’d love to teach my kids: One of the most important things is how to be happy and successful. The secret to happiness being more than just having low expectations and being happily surprised.Having a meaningful life where you are working towards a unified purpose is important. Another thing is… Continue reading Things I want to teach my children

vagrant plugin update

Vagrant is a program which makes it easy to start new Virtual Machines.I’ve got a Windows machine (for the games and video editing software). But usually code websites which are run on Linux servers. I usually have 1 or 2 VM’s running on my laptop. After getting messages from Vagrant every time I started up… Continue reading vagrant plugin update

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Yii2 Swiftmailer 0 Auth exception

If you get the error Message: Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username “****” using 0 possible authenticators Then try to remove the username and password from the configuration file. Context When using the Swiftmailer, a common PHP emailerThis example specifically talks about the Yii2 configuration file, but likely applies to other frameworks. Here’s… Continue reading Yii2 Swiftmailer 0 Auth exception

Sabby Love

I’m a bit of a night owl but she takes it to a whole new level, sleeping most of the day. So when she started staying over we got very little sleep. I was exhausted. But we are both in a good rhythm now. I love the way we’ll seek each other and curl up… Continue reading Sabby Love

Fake Taxi’s in Vietnam

I’m writing this because I paid 10x the price I should have for a fairly short taxi ride. This is based on my one bad experience after months of living in Vietnam. Firstly. If you are going to get in a taxi you should have the Grab app. It’s their equivalent to Uber. Even if you… Continue reading Fake Taxi’s in Vietnam

SciFi concepts – nanoBlood, the positioning problem and remote sensing

Note: These are Michael Kubler’s personal notes regarding technology likely to exist in the future. It’s written as a reference guide for The Book of New Eden SciFi novel set in a post-scarcity (Abundance Centered) society. Eli is the main character in the novel. nanoBlood is considered a form of bodyMod but is important enough to… Continue reading SciFi concepts – nanoBlood, the positioning problem and remote sensing