Reinvigorating TZM

At a meeting last night, Friday the 10th of July 2020 about 15 TZM members had a discussion on Team Speak about trying to reinvigorate the movement.There was lots of ideas. But a couple of people’s suggestions were on approaches to working out the best option instead of just ways to make TZM great again.Aaron… Continue reading Reinvigorating TZM

Advanced Filtering with MongoDB Aggregation Pipelines

MongoDB Aggregation code screenshot

This is a repost from although go read it there so I can get the Medium $$, because it reads better. For a project Chris Were and I have been working on we discovered a great way of doing advanced queries using MongoDB’s Aggregation pipelines with the use of the $merge operator in order… Continue reading Advanced Filtering with MongoDB Aggregation Pipelines

Via Negativa

Via Negativa translates to “by removal.” Taleb argues that a lot of problems can be solved by removing things, and not by adding more. In decision making, if you have to come up with more than one reason to do something, it’s probably because you’re just trying to convince yourself to do it. Decisions that… Continue reading Via Negativa

Evernote lost my work

TLDR: Evernote doesn’t seem to backup your work whilst writing. It doesn’t save until you’ve actually exited the note. So it’s highly vulnerable to your phone / tablet dying. The Story This afternoon I got my Android Tablet out and started to write up my weekly review. I haven’t actually done my review for the… Continue reading Evernote lost my work

Things I want to teach my children

Here’s a collection of things I’d love to teach my kids: One of the most important things is how to be happy and successful. The secret to happiness being more than just having low expectations and being happily surprised.Having a meaningful life where you are working towards a unified purpose is important. Another thing is… Continue reading Things I want to teach my children

vagrant plugin update

Vagrant is a program which makes it easy to start new Virtual Machines.I’ve got a Windows machine (for the games and video editing software). But usually code websites which are run on Linux servers. I usually have 1 or 2 VM’s running on my laptop. After getting messages from Vagrant every time I started up… Continue reading vagrant plugin update

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Yii2 Swiftmailer 0 Auth exception

If you get the error Message: Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username “****” using 0 possible authenticators Then try to remove the username and password from the configuration file. Context When using the Swiftmailer, a common PHP emailerThis example specifically talks about the Yii2 configuration file, but likely applies to other frameworks. Here’s… Continue reading Yii2 Swiftmailer 0 Auth exception