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ZDay presentation – Price of Zero Transition to an RBE

At both the Global ZDay event in Brisbane, Australia the New Zealand ZDay event in Auckland in 2017 and at the Global Zday event in Frankfurt, Germany in 2018 I gave this presentation about the Price of Zero transition to a Natural Law Resource Based Economy. The slides are based on the presentation given on…

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Michael Kubler and Peter Joseph at the ZDay 2017 global event in Brisbane.

Zday 2017 – My Experience

Wow, the last 4+ weeks has been INTENSE. Certainly the most intense of my life so far. First it was 12-16hr days at work trying to get a web project at work over the line. Then 20 hour days (yes, only 4hrs sleep a night) trying to move out, putting most of my stuff into…

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The bankers were wrong

The tin foil hat people were right, although tin foil hats won’t stop Government snooping. Also, the government probably doesn’t care about those wearing aluminium on their head. They seem to be more scared of people with towels on their head. The hippies were right Western Civilisation is destroying the planet. The story that we…

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Yeast or Egg, the future of Humanity?

My Dad thinks of humans as akin to Yeast, we will eventually kill ourselves off, swimming in our own waste. I think of us like an embyro in an egg, we have to break out of our current growth mentality. Yeast produce Alcohol as a waste product. Given enough sugar they will produce so much…

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Zeitgeist Movement Video Wall

I recently added some videos to the Zeitgeist Info Video Wall, check them out!

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Update : I’m 108% busy

In the theme of openness and transparency and just generally updating my blog : I’m currently working 9-5 at the Adelaide Festival and the very busy Festival period is starting. I’m developing a web platform for an education startup called Teacher Time. I’m the founder of the South Australian Zeitgeist Movement chapter and would like…

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