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The bankers were wrong

Posted by Michael Kubler on 2nd February 2014

The tin foil hat people were right, although tin foil hats won’t stop Government snooping. Also, the government probably doesn’t care about those wearing aluminium on their head. They seem to be more scared of people with towels on their head.

The hippies were right Western Civilisation is destroying the planet. The story that we have told ourselves is wrong, but the Hippies didn’t give us a viable alternative. Hopefully the geisters can.

The bankers were wrong. They aren’t too big to fail and whilst they’ve proved it already, until Bitcoin we didn’t have a decent alternative.


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Yeast or Egg, the future of Humanity?

Posted by Michael Kubler on 4th June 2012

My Dad thinks of humans as akin to Yeast, we will eventually kill ourselves off, swimming in our own waste. I think of us like an embyro in an egg, we have to break out of our current growth mentality.



Yeast produce Alcohol as a waste product. Given enough sugar they will produce so much alcohol that they eventually kill themselves off when they are swimming in Alcohol (about 14-16% worth).
My Dad doesn’t care about all the environmental destruction being caused because he figures that the Earth will fix itself within a few million years just like it did when the dinosaurs were wiped out and it doesn’t matter to him if humanity dies within a hundred years or so, he figures he’s got less than 40 years left on the planet.
My response to that is that the Australian Aboriginals lived in balance with nature for (possibly) over 40,000 years. That shows that humans can live a sustainable lifestyle, although I’d prefer to use newer technology to allow us to do so.


Bird Embryo Development

Bird Embryo Development

My view is that humans are like an embryo of a baby bird growing inside an egg. The hope is that we have enough yoke to grow a beak and peck our way out of the shell. If we don’t make our way out then we will die inside the rotting egg.

To me the yoke is fossil fuels and our old ways of thinking, breaking out of the shell and feeling the sunlight is our transition to renewable energy, new forms of thinking. More collaboration instead of competition, shared access instead of private ownership, managing for abundance instead of scarcity and a systems approach to fixing the core problems instead of band-aid solutions.

I care about what it will be like as a human in 7 generations time and even 1,000 years time, which is why if we don’t change our ways I question if we will we still have bird, trees and even air to breathe. If we do change then I think the world will be a much more amazing place for everyone.

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Zeitgeist Movement Video Wall

Posted by Michael Kubler on 18th February 2012

I recently added some videos to the Zeitgeist Info Video Wall, check them out!


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Update : I’m 108% busy

Posted by Michael Kubler on 18th February 2012

In the theme of openness and transparency and just generally updating my blog :

  • I’m currently working 9-5 at the Adelaide Festival and the very busy Festival period is starting.
  • I’m developing a web platform for an education startup called Teacher Time.
  • I’m the founder of the South Australian Zeitgeist Movement chapter and would like more time to help organise ZDay and work on a presentation for it (but send an amazing amount of thanks to Kari and David for doing most of the work so far!)
  • I’m an active member of Occupy Adelaide and pretty much run the website.
  • I have recently started helping the Climate Emergency Action Network of South Australia (CLEANSA) run a campaign to convert some coal fired power stations to Concentrating Solar Thermal, which would be the first installed in Australia. An amazing opportunity. I’ll also need to help fix their website.
  • I occasionally do photography and a little film work for a local non-profit news media outfit called Our World Today which is helping re-define journalism.
  • As such I’m pretty much running at 108% capacity, at least until the 18th of March.
  • I’m also in about $9,500 Credit Card debt as I tried getting Films on the Fly off the ground last year and went to Sydney for about 10 weeks. Unfortunately I’m a social programmer, I need to bounce ideas off people and by the time I built the networks which could help me I ended up running out of money (hence the debt).
  • I worked at 2moro mobile when I got back to Adelaide. Was doing web development and Linux system admin, but they unexpectedly got liquidated and I lost $4k in wages I was owed.
  • My general aim for the future is to get out of debt, and when there is enough traction with Teacher Time (and hopefully some investment), go work full time with Michael Imsteph, Jesse Black, Silvio and the others on a full time basis to help scale the service up and out and add new features and pivot and everything else required.

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