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Week 3 of Sydney

Well, it’s week 3 of me being in Sydney and I’ve been going through the dip. The part between when everything is new and novel to when you actually get something worth showing. Talking about something worth showing. Here’s a manually placed version of the RaVis explorer tree view which we are using for the…

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First week in Sydney

Well, I’ve been in Sydney for about a week so far. The first week out of ~12. It seems to have gone so fast, but also agonisingly slow. It’s over a week since I saw my girlfriend. Since I got to hold her in my arms and kiss her. It’s over a week since my…

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Australia’s Internet Filtering – Michael’s letter to Senator Stephen Conroy

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– Summary –

Director : xxx
Cast :
xxx xxx, xxx xxx.
Censorship Rating :
x (Ages xx and up)
Target Audience : xxx
Length :
x hours xx minutes
A brief blurb of what the movie is about. xxxxx

Review : A brief overview of what you thought about the movie. xxxxx

Our Rating : x/10. xxxx

{Insert actual review here}

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Box of Epic Emergency

Box of Epic Emergency Having watched a TED talk on what to do in the case of a Nuclear Attack, I realised that I’m woefully under-prepared for some sort of major (motion picture worthy), disaster. There could be a major plague, like 28 days later/I am legend, a nuclear attack (more likely from a Terrorist…

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Android, and my suggested apps

OK, so they have finally released the T-Mobile G1, which is also know as the Google (g)Phone, and was previously called the HTC Dream. What is that you say? Well it’s a revolution in mobile phones. The phone itself is touted as being an iPhone killer, it has a big touch screen, GPS, Wi-Fi, expandable…

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Adelaide Zombie Walk 2008 – Post indicent report

Saturday the 25th of October 2008 was the day the dead walked the earth again. Well, not literally, but it still looked good. I started getting ready while at work. I ripped up some old clothes, cutting some holes out, and adding some Kryolan stage blood. I also mixed up my own fake blood using…

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URL redirecting

Well, I just went through and added some URL redirect rules similar to I now have (or any of the other non-specified domains that I handle) redirecting to I also changed to and also to Once the Schoolyard Justice movie is released online, which is slated for onlly…

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Frame Sizes – Web Widget

Frame-sizes Web-Widget for working out video encoding resolutions

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Crude Oil – The ABC documentary Not sure about the delicate, and complicated processes required to make oil? Not sure quite sure about all the uses of oil? Didn’t know about how it was used to make plastics, or that it was so heavily relied on for farming? I’m sure you’ve all heard about the possible  environmental damage, or the…

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