Monarto Zoo trip

On Tuesday the 11th of November I went on a trip with approximately 280 other photographers to the Monarto Zoo. The zoo, isn’t a normal Zoo, it’s a 1000 hectare open-range sanctuary that undertakes breeding programs for rare and endangered species. The event was organised by the Photographic Wholesalers, and Diamonds Cameras, and was certainly… Continue reading Monarto Zoo trip

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Post of the week – 004 : IPTC info in photos.

This  was an old post I forgot to upload a while ago and is an excerpt from a conversation on the DLF (Digital Laborers Federation) email list regarding IPTC information in JPEG photos, which is useful for Photographers, and especially those uploading images to Flickr. —————————————- Peter Moran wrote: > Hey > I’ve finally got… Continue reading Post of the week – 004 : IPTC info in photos.

Tour Down Under photos.

Tour Down Under Stage 3 : Unley – Jan 24th 2008 Here’s a gallery of the Tour Down under (cycling) photos from the start of Stage 3. I was mainly taking photos of the facepainting as I’m working on a website for MadHatterzParties

Sandisk Extreme Firewire Compact Flash Card Reader – Faulty

Well, being a wedding, and studio portrait photographer, I wanted to upgrade my crappy CF card reader for a riced, uber one. The faster I could find, the Sandisk Extreme Firewire Compact Flash Card Reader. Product specs indicate it’s meant to copy at 40MB/s, run via Firewire, and requires an Extreme IV card to make… Continue reading Sandisk Extreme Firewire Compact Flash Card Reader – Faulty

Welcome to 2008

Hello everyone! WELCOME TO 2008! I hope everyone wonderful New Year. Hopefully a year in which School Yard Justice is finally completed and I’ve actually finished the website (a working gallery page is almost finished, which is hopefully the hardest of the programming I can envision). Once School Yard Justice is release we can look… Continue reading Welcome to 2008