Representative Democracy can it work?

In Australia and the majority of the Western world we have a form of democracy called representative democracy.  We vote for people who represent us. Our economic system both expects and requires that people work in their own rational self-interest. The question is, how can a representative democracy work in our capitalist driven economy? We… Continue reading Representative Democracy can it work?

Peak Oil causing GFC

Below is based on a Facebook response I wrote to someone asking for evidence that the GFC caused peak oil. The often cited cause of the GFC was sub prime mortgages in the USA. People who purchased crappy housing with little to no risk on their part. But why is it that the deal seemed… Continue reading Peak Oil causing GFC

Cigarette burned heart

“Look into their eyes Elation, tenderness, love. The feeling grows inside, but the outlet is broken unable to dissipate it fills the brain. Caustic it goes and with it your body, Can’t think, can’t eat, can’t work, can’t play, The blockage is still there, but the heart can’t wait. Out of phase, out of sync, bad timing,… Continue reading Cigarette burned heart