Google Maps Street View.

Google Maps new feature, Streetview!
It looks like they’ve hooked up a laptop and gps to a van with a 360° camera and taken photos of the streets every 5m or so.
I remember reading about the technology and they can make 3D scans of the buildings at the same time. Pretty nifty.

In case the above link doesn’t work try the Tiny URL version

I suggest you try clicking on the blue roads and having a look around. The links above go to the road next to the World Trade Centre site.

Google Maps Street View.

Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

Well, I finished COD 4 a few hours ago, and have been playing the arcade mode, with the Mile High Epilogue quest.

It’s a lot of fun, although I’d think that playing it on Veteran is impossible because of the short time limit.

So far my High Score is ~ 78,000 which I did on Hardened, and still had 1 life left, having completed the mission with 7s on the VIP timer. I know it’s not an amazingly high score, but I’ve only been trying for ~40mins.

Welcome to 2008

Hello everyone! WELCOME TO 2008!

I hope everyone wonderful New Year.

Hopefully a year in which School Yard Justice is finally completed and I’ve actually finished the website (a working gallery page is almost finished, which is hopefully the hardest of the programming I can envision). Once School Yard Justice is release we can look at showing it at some film festivals, then

I also hope that my girlfriend Anna will get her visa and move from Russia to here, long distance long term relationships are very hard, but I hope rewarding.
Another thing I would like to be rewarding is my photography stall at the Fisherman’s Wharf Markets. Every Sunday I go down to the markets at Port Adelaide and I am planning to have general themes. Starting next weekend I will start a Valentines themed stall, aiming to take photos of couples, singles, or anyone who wants their photo done with a rose and a big love heart shaped Potatoshopped© frame and some phrases.

I also need to move out of home. While I have a lot of freedom at the moment I lack independence. I need somewhere that Anna and I can stay, and also somewhere I can be without being disturbed every time someone decides to get home, go to the toilet, slam a door, talk on the phone, turn the TV on loud, or yell at each other *glares at my Russian step mum and sister*

Macro Shots

These thumbs link to the 1280×1024 sized photos (my desktop size).

These are free for distribution, and you are allowed to manipulate the photos, however proper credit (attribution) must still be given to the author of the originals – Michael Kubler.

Please visit for more information, or email me at

Macro - lens cap

Macro - Wood

Macro Flower

Macro String
*Last image edited in Photoshop

I’d love at least a comment from anyone that likes these and uses one as their background.

Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome to Michael Kubler’s new blog.
I’ll mostly be posting photos I’ve taken, and various adventures that I get up to.

About me :
I’m a friendly and loving geek, a budding photographer, a little bit of a programmer. I also spend my spare time organising, filming, and editing films with my friend Rodney Twelftree.

I own and run Grey Phoenix Productions, which is a small multimedia company that is focusing on portrait and wedding photography.